" Well, obviously I want in... but how does JUMP START! work? What happens after I sign up? "


Awesome, Question - and we've got some really easy answers for you!


1. Sign Up and Access

Once you've signed up for the upcoming session of JUMP START! (Kicking off March 13th 2017!) you'll receive an email one week before session kick-off with complete access instructions including your log-in info and access times for:


1. Weekly Content Calls (2x a day, Mondays of each week, recorded and transcribed for further study or catch-up - approx 45 mins)

2. Open Office Hours Support Call-In and Chat (2x a day, 2x a week, 1 hour blocks)

3. Your JUMP START! Program Syllabus

4. Your FIRST take-away exercise and template: JS! Goal-Setting - to help you get clear and intentional on what you want to learn through your participation in JUMP START! and the results you hope to see



2. Prep for Success

Take the time to fill out your JS! Goal-Setting worksheet - we'll also give you a short list of materials you may have that it may be helpful to pull together in advance of program participation



3. The Program

Start your engines! On March 13th choose the call-in session that works best for your schedule, then -

1. Dial-in and get ready to get some serious knowledge in an easy to follow 45 minute session!

2. The next morning you'll receive your weekly take-away and templates via email, as well as links to the recorded calls from the previous day

3. Take your time over the rest of the week to work on your template and take-away - and if you need support or have Q's - dial into one of the office hours blocks over the course of the week!

4. Repeat!


Heres what we'll cover:



Phase 1: Setting The Stage

Weeks 1 -3 : Building the Platform for your success 



Week 01 | Website Evaluation  

  • Harnessing the PR/Marketing power of your site
  • Refine copywriting and brand message
  •  Best practices
  •  Functionality & Infrastructure
  •  Press must-haves

Take Away - Your Optimization Check list of must-include items for a refined web presence with a clear brand message maximized to inform users, boost conversions and engage press  



Week 02 | Your Media Kit

  • What is a Media Kit?
  • Utilization and Benefits
  • Kit Content
  • Format like the Pros
  • Supplemental Materials

Take Away - Your Media Kit Template: so you can easily pull together this integral piece of collateral for your business


Week 03 | Social Media

  • Evaluation of Social Media Presence 
  • What platforms are best for your biz
  • Maximizing online interactions 
  • How Social Media assists with press attraction
  • Best practices, automation and conversion for platforms

Take Away - Social Media Tune-Up checklist we personally use with our Fortune 100 clients, to refine your efforts for max results with manageable time spent



Phase 2: Writing the Script

Weeks 4 -6 : Defining and Amplifying your voice


Week 04 | Identifying your Audience

  • WHO you need to be targeting in the Press and through the Press
  • How Journalists use editorial calendars and how they work for you
  • Identifying your press allies and the 'low hanging fruit'
  • How to build relationships with journalists
  • Building your distribution contact HOTLIST

Take Away - 'HOTLIST How To' sheet - helping you maximize the effectiveness of your press push and get results


Week 05 | The Press Release

  • The 5 BIGGEST mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them
  • How to write a killer release - even if you're not a writer
  • Format like a pro 
  • Core Messaging + Additional Collateral
  • Crafting your 'Elevator Pitch'
  • Introduction to Press Release distribution strategy

Take Away - The 'Rules of the Release' step by step writing guide worksheet

*BONUS!* - Press Release Template for plug and play ease to pitch like a pro!


Week 06 | Distribution and Follow-Up Strategy

  •  Getting Organized for your Press Push!
  • Structuring your Distribution Strategy
  • How and when to follow-up to maximize pick-up
  • Subscription and Wire Services - how they work and are they for you?
  • Crisis PR - The best defense is a good offense
  • Its a marathon, not a sprint - thinking long-term for your release schedule 

Take Away - Your Distro check-list and worksheet -  to take you through your press push like a pro - and get the response the pros get!



Phase 3: Shining the Spotlight 

Weeks 7 -9 : Become a stand out in your market by taking your efforts to the next level with outside the box initiatives - and planning for long-term success!


Week 07 | The Ultimate Hype Man - Amplifying your brand through Content Creation

  •  Content Creation overview, what it is and how its used
  • Real world case studies of brand success through content creation
  • Mediums and Means - what will work for you on any budget
  • Exploring the psychology of the sale and a call to action
  • Schedule and Strategy - how to incorporate into your marketing plan efficiently 

Take Away - Your Master Marketing Plan Template - This super useful tool will help you map an effective strategy and schedule to promote any initiative in a multi-faceted, multi-platform manner - for massive results 


Week 08 | Experiential Marketing

  • Creating Sensory experiences for your audiences
  • Forging Emotional connections with your brand 
  • Not just for the big guys - how to identify and capitalize on your opportunities regardless of company size and budget
  • Why THIS is the future of public relations
  • ROI - Defining benchmarks of success and how to reach them

Take Away - Get the super, secret sauce RIGHT from one of the most successful agencies in the world - OURS! This step by step guide is the EXACT template we use to craft experiential strategies and execute events for our biggest and best clients - some of the most well known brands on EARTH!


The Grand Finale | The Next 12- Months

A successful PR strategy depends on two things…by this point in the campaign, you will be tired of us saying it… we’ll give you a hint, they both begin with 'C' ... you've got all the tools, you've got the knowledge - and WE know the strategy - lets set goals – and map out how to get there.

Take Away - Your customized road map calendar to guide you towards stellar success for the next 12 months.






Still Have Q's?

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