...you have to have them...here are ours...

  1. Services shall begin on the commencement date assigned to the client in their syllabus and terminate upon completion of that syllabus.

    Payment: The full services fee of $2,500.00 or mutually agreed upon rate  is due with this participation confirmation form.  Your space is not reserved until we receive a signed form and process payment. Should another form be received before yours it may affect your start date. LIMITED sign ups are available each month to ensure best representation. You will be placed in the first available client space upon receipt of this form.

    Deadlines: You will be provided a list of required pieces (which may include list of previous press, photos, logos, artwork, etc) upon your enrollment. The deadlines on this sheet are of the utmost importance and integral for the success of your campaign. You accept that this is your responsibility to provide and agree to not hold RGI liable should they not be submitted on time and affect your campaign in any way. Likewise, the schedule you will be provided for deliverables, and standing meetings (including conference calls) are of the utmost importance and integral for the success of your campaign.  You accept that it is your responsibility to adhere to this schedule and will not hold RGI liable for any delays in the campaign or inability to produce deliverables should you fail to do so. Clients will not be permitted to pause services in the campaign and resume at a latter date. This campaign is inclusive of 12 continuous weeks unless otherwise outlined by RGI in case of major holiday or necessary scheduled commitment at the outset of a particular campaign.

    Use of time: This program is offered at a low rate because it is highly structured by it’s executing staff. You understand that the scope of services will not exceed the deliverables, or time commitment from RGI outlined in the syllabus and schedule. Standing meetings cannot be rescheduled through the course of the campaign.

    Refunds: Services fees paid for JUMP START! are non-refundable for any reason including early departure from the program, loss of representation due to violation of the terms and conditions, or dissatisfaction of services performed as long as RGI has meet their responsibilities as outlined in the syllabus.

    Media Coverage: Participation in this program is not a guarantee of media coverage while represented by RGI in the program, or after the program is completed. There are many variables that affect media coverage and RGI is not in any form in control of any of these or liable for lack of coverage.

    Loss of Representation: RGI reserves the right to cease representation of the client and drop any client from the program without liability should the client fail to meet their obligations outlined in the program or fail to communicate with RGI to a degree to which becomes detrimental to RGI’s operations of if those actions affect other clients should client not correct the behaviors 5 days after a written notification of intent to exercise this right by RGI. Clients who miss more than 2 scheduled standing meetings will be dropped immediately without notice. Clients given payment considerations will lose representation should they fail to provide payment on schedule.

    Disclosure & Privacy: The client understands that through the course of this campaign they may have access to and be provided with best practices, trade secrets, documents and methods created by and which are the sole property of RGI events. Client shall make no disclosure of any documents, methods, trade secrets, best practices, company information, details of the campaign etc nor make any public published mention of the campaign, company, company staff et all during or after conclusion of the campaign without the consent of RGI principal Rachael Glaws. Violations of this clause will result in severing ties with the client and full prosecution for monetary damages.

    Limited License: Client grants RGI events & public relations a limited license to use the name of enrolled participant or organization, trademark, campaign, event, event artwork, photographs, collateral not deemed classified and description of services in future promotional capacities including but not limited to resumes, website listings, promotional pamphlets etc post-event or campaign.

    Force Measure: Should campaign be cancelled by the client or RGI for any reason or due to factors outside the control of either party, including the event of postponement or cancellation due to inclement weather and to include but not be limited to war, riots, acts of god, natural disaster, famine or other factors contained in the clause of force majeure as defined by the Yale Library full purchase and professional fees will still be due to RGI events and public relations and RGI will not be held liable in any form. RGI events and public relations shall perform the services described under this contract at a mutually agreed upon timeframe.

    Amendments: RGI  may change any aspect of the program, method or website or its contents at any time, without prior notification or warning.

  2. Extended Payments: Extended payment options are governed by the terms outlined on the enrollment form. You agree to abide by these terms and schedules in you select an extended payment plan


  3. Interpretation, amendment and changes: The organizers shall have full power to interpret or amend these guidelines. The client agrees to abide by any guidelines that may hereafter be adopted by RGI.

  4. Concluding clause: Should one or more provisions of this contract be or become invalid wholly or partly, the contract shall otherwise remain effective. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by new provisions corresponding as closely as possible to the commercial purpose intended by the parties to the contract.