We were inspired to create JUMP START! through our own experience as a small business trying to grow in a very full market.
We were often approached by other ‘little guys’ (in size, by far not in creativity, drive and passion!) to create PR campaigns – but the length in which we recommend a minimum campaign run and the monthly cost associated with the maintenance of all the tools required for success were often just not bottom line realistic for a growing enterprise.
SO we took the same elements of our large campaigns, condensed them, and with the special concerns of small businesses in mind, execute in a turnkey way, via an easy to follow schedule. This enables us to keep the cost reasonable, and provide the PR services we know small businesses need.


Wait, so is this a class?

Not exactly. We DO educate clients on how to replicate and continue our efforts – but this is much much more than a class. Content, focusing on very specific pre-structured (described after signup in the Campaign Syllabus) deliverables and goals, are released weekly and are accompanied by straight forward videos, ready-for-you templates, lists of resources and recap tools and interactive exercises - we even record and transcribe the weekly calls - so you can NEVER fall behind!

How many other clients are you representing other than myself?

 We limit new JUMP START sign ups in a particular time period to make sure ALL our participants get PERSONAL representation and answers to ALL their questions to get the most out of JUMP START!

Is every session the same?

 The PR industry, like every industry, is always changing - and we are always updating the content of JUMP START! to keep up with the latest and greatest tools and strategies to earn more coverage and position you for success - so no two sessions are exactly alike - BUT did you know that once you are a JUMP STARTer, you are a JUMP STARTer for life? You are welcome to access the content in ANY subsequent session (although coaching and interactive elements are for that sessions participants only).

What stage of business is JUMP START! best suited for?

 ANY! It's a program designed to put more eyes on you and your business, fueling higher profits and greater market saturation. JUMP START! will challenge you to reach for greater success - and give you the tools to make that reach reality. We've had JUMP STARTers at all stages of development. If you are just incubating a product or service idea, JUMP START! will help position you for a successful roll out. Getting ready to launch? ...well don't you want the eyes of the world on you when you do? Already open for business? There will always be something you want to promote - and JUMP START! can make sure that promotion gets major attention. We've even had individual PR pros go through JUMP START! as a method of honing their skills.

Are there industries for which JUMP START! works best?

 The tools presented in JUMP START! are fundamental PR principals and building blocks applicable across all industries - from service based businesses to product based businesses, tech, hospitality, fashion, food & beverage, creative - even non-profit organizations and freelancers - we've got you.

What do I have to provide?

 Once you sign up - we'll have you fill out the a client information form with basic information about yourself and your business.. We’ll also ask for a some additional items - like your logo, an idea of previous PR experience if any, and a bit of background info. 

What if I don't have those items?

 No problem - they are helpful, but not required.

Do you offer payment plans?

 We do! You can select the program with an extended option to pay on the enrollment page of this website - however, the early discounts and other discounts are only available when you pay for the program upfront in full.

Is this a scam?

 No. Absolutely not. And it's also not a get rich quick promise or a cure-all for business operations. We work personally one on one with the enrollees in JUMP START! creating tools and strategy for long-term sustainable PR success  - BUT you HAVE to do the work and be committed to follow-through - the latter of which is of PARAMOUNT importance in effective public relations - as you will hear us say MANY times during the program..

What can I use the follow up coaching for after my campaign?

General feedback, consultations, edits and/or content creation – anything we can do to help - it's up to you - but we'll also guide you to items which may be of most benefit to you and your future success.

Do you host any events for participants?

Yes! We will be hosting some networking and education events – as well as offering access to our yearly conference. We can also pass on info on other worthwhile business events in DC and nationwide.  

I may need some additional help – do you all have recommendations for web designers, graphics designers etc?

We know everyone you need to know – including great real estate agents, accountants who specialize in small biz, co-working spaces and more. Don’t hesitate to ask during your weekly meetings and chat sessions!

What if I want to continue with your representation after JUMP START! is over?

No matter if that happens right away or a year from now – we hope JUMP START! will grow your business to the level where you NEED and PR firm to help handle the volume! And we hope you will consider us.

How do I know if this is the right for me?

Just like ANY project, business...or LIFE for that matter - you get out of it what you put in. JUMP START! is going to challenge you. Its going to focus your thinking in new and creative ways and encourage you to pivot and shift towards a more profitable and successful way of brining attention to your initiatives - but you have to commit to it. Luckily, its a ton of fun :)