Who enrolls in JUMP START! ?
Ambitious amateurs, seasoned pros and the many roles and responsibilities in between, in any industry. Anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level through effective, affordable, professional & sustainable public relations tools and strategies can benefit from being part of JUMP START! - and once you’re in, you’re in for LIFE - you can participate in any future session of JUMP START! to brush up on the latest, greatest, most-cutting edge PR trends and tools.


What types of people enroll in JUMP START! ?

Action-Oriented individuals are our best partners. No matter if you sell a product, provide a service, own a brick and motor business, operate solely online, consider yourself a specialty freelancer, are a creative provider such as a photographer, host a recurring event you want to bring attention to - we've even had big success with non-profit organizations! If you are looking to put more eyes on your initiative through strategic and sustainable public relations you are a good fit for JUMP START! We've also had the PR or Marketing contact internally at an established company AND freelance Public Relations, Marketing & Social Media professionals enroll to take their own skills up a notch - JUMP START! is custom to each enrollee so we easily tailor content to meet your needs and specific stage in business and industry of operation... BUT - remember - we focus on the needs of small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs - so if you are a company with more than 50 employees or an international reach these strategies may not achieve goals you have in mind. 

What stage of business is JUMP START! best suited for?

 ANY! It's a program designed to put more eyes on you and your business, fueling higher profits and greater market saturation. JUMP START! will challenge you to reach for greater success - and give you the tools to make that reach reality. We've had JUMP STARTers at all stages of development. If you are just incubating a product or service idea, JUMP START! will help position you for a successful roll out. Getting ready to launch? ...well don't you want the eyes of the world on you when you do? Already open for business? There will always be something you want to promote - and JUMP START! can make sure that promotion gets major attention. We've even had individual PR pros go through JUMP START! as a method of honing their skills.

Are there industries for which JUMP START! works best?

 The tools presented in JUMP START! are fundamental PR principals and building blocks applicable across all industries - from service based businesses to product based businesses, tech, hospitality, fashion, food & beverage, creative - even non-profit organizations and freelancers - we've got you.

How do I know if this is the right for me?

Just like ANY project, business...or LIFE for that matter - you get out of it what you put in. JUMP START! is going to challenge you. Its going to focus your thinking in new and creative ways and encourage you to pivot and shift towards a more profitable and successful way of brining attention to your initiatives - but you have to commit to it. Luckily, its a ton of fun :)